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Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
3:47 am
1st Annual Florida ART Film Festival
1st Annual Florida ART Film Festival held this weekend, Decembe 9-10.

Matinee and Evening Program scheduled for each day.

December 9: The Documentaries
Documentary Short Winner: "Everybody in Their Underwear"
Documentary Workshop featuring Georg Koszulinski,
Writer/Director/Producer of "Cracker Crazy: The Ivisible History of the Sunshine State."
Matinee Program begins: 1:00 pm
Evening Program begins: 5:00 pm

December 10: The Narratives
Narrative Short Winners:
"A Tale of Two Megans"
"Taste of Kream"
"How Do You Spell Hornswaggle?"
Narrative Feature Winner:
"The Essence of Irwin"
Narrative Workshop featuring D.A. Jackson,
Writer/Director/Producer of "Prodigal."
Matinee Program begins: 10:00 a.m.
Evening Program begins: 5:00 p.m.

Location: Acrosstown Repertory Theater
619 South Main Street
Gainesville, FL 32604

Day Pass = $10
Weekend Pass = $15
Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
10:36 pm
First Review of Mike McShane's "The Votive Pit"
“The Votive Pit”

Florida playwright Shamrock McShane specializes in characters whose hopeful worldviews are poisoned and ultimately choked by the insane realities of contemporary life. He creates idealists who become cynics who become desperate when a single compromise inevitably leads to chaos.

Chaos, that is, that they knew was coming and were helpless to deflect.

McShane wrote “The Votive Pit,” a drama about de-sensitization and despair in the American public school system, after putting a lid on his own lengthy career as a middle school English teacher. So he knows firsthand what the disillusioned teachers here are talking about: Kids are out of control, the equipment sucks, administrators are fools, and the old promise that every child will get the best darn education possible is as useless as Neville Chamberlain’s Munich Agreement.

But all is not dark and pessimistic in McShane’s story, and in this wonderfully-crafted film version by the playwright’s son Mike. The chief protagonists, Odyssey Middle School instructors Edna (Sara Morsey) and “Bald Man” (the nickname given to the dangerously unscrewed science teacher, portrayed by the playwright himself) are given to bursts of great humor; it’s gallows humor, to be sure, but it sure leavens the lamentations over the violence and altogether great apathy that pervade the school system.

“Being a teacher is like being the captain of a ship at sea,” someone observes early on. “No one can help you.”

This is immediately followed by an announcement over the school’s omnipresent P.A. system: “Mr. Jonah – Please give us your location?”

Also great fun to watch is Scot Davis as the history teacher Dedalus, who likes to get up in front of his class in character, and appears in everyone’s dream sequence with a different story to tell.

Then there’s Wendy, the school’s platitude-spewing vice principal, played by Julie Tidwell with a combination of smiley-faced corporate blandness and coquettish sweetness. “Thank you for sailing a steady ship,” she cluelessly intones during her morning announcements.

For a low-budget film shot on video, “The Votive Pit” is eminently watchable. Shot in a real middle school in Gainesville, Florida, it is superbly lit, with sound that never falters and bold, professional camerawork. The editing, too, is first-rate. It never feels like you’re watching somebody’s film-class home movie; that’s a lesson for all budding filmmakers.

Like most of Shamrock McShane’s work, “The Votive Pit” will make you think, and it’ll make you mad. This film version will do both, and it’ll also make you want to show it to somebody else who’ll get it.

Bill DeYoung
Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers

Friday, July 29th, 2005
12:03 pm
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Friday, March 18th, 2005
2:06 pm
* * * FILM: The Deary of Disappearing

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Thursday, November 4th, 2004
8:52 pm
My movie...
I'm currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on a screen play I am writing. We plan on shooting this film sometime in the near future. To give you a brief rundown; its an action film about a guy trying to transport some explosives. Theres much more to the story but I just thought that I would add that this movie is in no way pornographic. I suppose that while I'm at it I will tell you a bit about myself. I am a 17 year old senior attending St.Thomas Aquinas High-school in Ft.Lauderdale (although I do live in Coral Springs)

What does this all add up to? Well, I'm glad I asked myself that question for all of you to read the response. I'm looking for actors/actresses to be in the movie. Some roles are already taken but some are up for grabs and judging by the scope of the movie we are going to need quite a few people to act in it. Additionally, if you are into making your own films and would be interested in helping out with this one feel free to drop me a line.

If you are intrested in being involved in this project in any capacity e-mail me at satchrocks@bellsouth.net or IM me. My sn is satchrocks.

Thanks, Alex
Monday, October 18th, 2004
4:33 pm
Help me! I'm looking for Jamie Zimmerman, or John Benjamin Zimmerman (J.B. Zimmerman).

Cross posted to over 50 communities.

If you know either of these people, please leave me a comment or e-mail me at Gealach_Annir@hotmail.com

It's urgent!
Monday, July 26th, 2004
1:27 pm
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<img src="http://i.myspace.com/29/78/488792/6749192_m.jpg" /img>

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Dave Kehr, The New York Times:

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Arnold Salas, Filmmaker Magazine:

Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News

Dan Avery, Out Magazine:

R. Hunter Garcia, Entertainment Today:

Bill Mahoney, TechnoPunkMusic.com:

Jessica Pressler, Philadelphia Weekly

Peter Debruge, Premiere
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in the way it turns the tables on the cool kids."

Lodger, FileThirteen.com:
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Del Harvey, FilmMonthly.com:
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"Creating a buzz and winning awards since hit the film festival circuit, ''Gypsy 83'' is the story of two goth outcasts who leave their small Ohio town to find fame and fortune in New York City. Complete with music from The Cure, Bauhaus, Karen Black, Apoptygma Berzerk, Claire Voyant, and others well known goth and dark rock bands, the ''Gypsy 83'' soundtrack could easily become the soundtrack to your life."

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Sunday, June 6th, 2004
12:23 pm
Sunday, February 29th, 2004
6:56 pm
The Passion of THE Christ
I had to capitalize THE because this isn't about jesus christ. This is singularly about The Christ. There's a difference between Jesus Christ the man and The Christ The savior. Jesus was a man but The Christ was a being. This is a story of his passion.

I saw this movie a few days ago. It's taken me this long to get over it and actually be able to speak about it. I was asked what i thought about it the night after i saw it and all I could say was "see it". This is due to the fact that i was still stunned.

As far as film goes, this is nothing new. The story of Christ has been told and retold and then told again through many's eyes and mouths. Martin Scorcese tried his hand at it with "The Last Temptation of Christ" As far as i know this was a good movie and I will be seeing it soon enough.

Mel Gibson's vision of Christ is probably one of the most unique. His movie concentrated on merely the passion of the christ as the title warrants. it's two hours full of blood and torture at the hands of jews and romans.

I might be mistaken but this is a very acurate account of what happened. Even if they did embelish a lot it still is something. The subtitles greatly helped the movie move along for it would have been a torture for the audience to sit through two hours of a foreign language. And the original languages of course authenticated the film.

The blood and everythign that made the blood happen (the torture) amazed me as some of the best special effects on a human body. Every horror movie is put to shame single handedly by this display of sheer bloodiness.
A brilliant peformance by James Caviezel really rounds out the trifecta of amazement (storytelling, special effects, acting)
I have to rate this a 5 out of 5 merely for how good it is even though it's not among my personal favorites but for the mere fact that if i weren't athiest, i would be a christian right now.

Current Mood: contemplative
Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
12:50 am
Come join filmcriticforum!

Reviews, and more.
Thursday, October 16th, 2003
7:50 am
Kill Bill
I have never seen a Quinten Taratino before and after seeing Kill Bill, I feel very much left out. The movie begins with a horrifying wedding scene and the leading leady out to get her revenge, they never say her name. She has a list and the movie goes backwards and forawrds often. The death scenes are overdramatic and exergarrated, which made the audience laugh at the slicing off of someone's head. I won't go in to detail about these scenes because they are just too classic to miss, and when you watch them for the first time, I don't want you to know what is going to happen.

There was a reason why it was number one in the box office, and I imagine the sequel will be as well. This movie doesn't just have a great story, it goes beyond that, to the actual filmmaking process. I give this movie five stars and I highly recommend it to anyone.
Wednesday, October 15th, 2003
7:32 pm
House of the Dead
This movie doesn't even get a star for effort. It was probably the worst movie I've seen since Dragon Fly. Since I'm not yet 17 I had to buy a ticket to Finding Nemo and then go to the House of the Dead movie...but after seeing House of the Dead I'm glad that the hot chick giving me tickets thought I was going to see Finding Nemo...I would have felt more like a man admitting to seeing that than this movie.
The movie's plot is that these college kids are going to a rave on an island. That's right, don't expect a good soundtrack on this puppy either. As a matter of fact it was like on ling big DMX video, complete with lyrics 'inspired by the movie.' This movie couldn't inspire anything...except maybe gas.
So then when they get to the rave everyones gone and of course people start doing it and dying. Basically, if you added every cliche 'horror' movie scene ever and mixed in talent ranging somewhere between Rapping Shaq and a toaster (referring to the acting) you might get really close to this movie.
This is possibly the worst way to lose 8 dollars. The scariest part of this moving was the chance that someone might see you leaving it.
The game was good but the fact that they put clips of it into the movie was probably the least revolutionary and least creative idea I've ever seen put into action...did someone cut funding on these guys mid-shoot?
Probably the most..or only clever thing you'll find in this movie was the fact that the chinese girl dressed in an american flag's name is Liberty...Ok, so that wasn't even a good idea but I was trying to be nice.
The only reason you should go see it is to see that I'm not over-exagerating...But the previews aren't mis-leading..."PREPARE FOR A RIDE!!!"
They just neglected to mention the ride involved strapping into the people's career's involed and riding them down a drain
Saturday, August 9th, 2003
1:40 pm
I spit on your grave
two stars **

Disturbing. Redneck rape and murder. Twisted plot. Dumb blonde. And a dismembered member?!?!? *shudders*

I hated it. But i want to see it again.

Current Mood: blank
Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
7:00 pm
Do The Right Thing
i've gotta say that this movie is very crazy. The kind of crazy that is about people. The characters in this movie i would imagine are all real people. They are all characters from the writers history. They had to be. They were so vividly characterized in such different ways through out the entire movie. As i watched this movie on BET it gave me a very weird feeling. A feeling of forbiddeness. As in, i wasn't supposed to be watching this movie but I was.

The best part of this movie was how it showed a lot of different sides of one little neighborhood. Seriously there were so many different kinds of people in this one movie and you really never understood who were the main characters and such. I did like that the movie was almost anti plot. There was a very subtle plot to it. It's one of those movies that were meant to be interpretated in so many different ways.

I still don't really know what to rate this because i just saw it once and would like to see it again. I liked the direction. and the acting was great too.
i'll have to give it 5 stars just for the first time cuz i don't know any faults with it. it's definitely on a top 20 list :) but probably somewhere in the bottom middle.
Friday, July 18th, 2003
2:47 am
the big lebowski
im extremely lazy tonite-
the big lebowski is perfect in every way- there is absolutely nothing lacking about this film, nothing, nothing, NOTHING.

Thursday, July 17th, 2003
11:32 pm
Pirates of the Caribbean
Hey all, this is my first post so bear with me. Pirates of the Caribbean was actually a pretty decent movie. I was thrilled to see Johnny Depp in a movie again...it's been awhile. Although I have to say that I felt that the story line was kind of choppy.
There was one thing after another happening and you couldn't really make sense as to what was going on at some points. Overall it was a good movie, but honestly I would have rather waited until it came out on DVD. And honestly I find it really hard t believe that they might be coming out with a sequel. I would probably see the sequel, but mainly for watching Orlando Bloom. What can I say...I'm a girl.

3.5 Stars
Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
8:19 pm
Finding Nemo
This movie is a kids movie first of all but delivers a massively enjoyable experience to EVERYONE. The story is a nice little ditty of a clownfish searching for his little boy. Of course if this wasn't fish then it would be a little corny but it's still something. At least there aren't any plot holes or anything really wrong with the story other than it's simplicity but that shouldn't be something to look down on it.
Of course the story isn't the entire experience. If you are buried in a hole right now then you don't know that this movie was created by Pixar and is fully animated.
The Last effort by Pixar was Monsters,Inc. that can be described in one word: "WOW". and this next effort can be described in one word... "AMAZING"
This is the most visually beautiful animated film EVER. the colors are so vivid that it looks good and puts the movie into a world of it's own. If you thought that Sully's hair in Monsters,Inc. was good. this entire film occurs in water (or around water). in order to animate water and underwater.. things are always moving and seaweed and other plants in the water have complicated movements. Fish also move in various ways and mannerisms. The fish's faces were all perfectly executed also.
I thought that the Monster's Inc. story was a bit better or even Toy Story has a bit more interesting theme but this movie was the best visually. There were various characters that were very memorable and the underwater scenes just blew me away.(which was pretty much the entire movie)
And this movie gets some praise :) for having two Monty Python quotes :) i'll let ya'll go to imdb.com to find them out.
In the end...
4.5 Stars
Monday, July 14th, 2003
10:43 pm
Terminator 3
This is my "next post" i referred to in my trainspotting entry.
First off, let me say that I thought Terminator was an alright movie, and i thought Terminator 2 was a great film.
NOW then...
Terminator 3 stands as one of the bottom five films ive ever seen ever ever ever ever.
The special effects, yeah, are pretty. But the seams on them are big enough for a person to fall into.
The makeup, on the other hand...is purrrrfect. If there were a metal cyborg skeleton with flesh on top of it and it got scratched up.............thats waht it would look like!
The characters who arent Arnold are totally one dimensional, if that, and horribly acted.
Even Claire Danes plays her part horribly..It seemed to me like she just didnt care. Understandable.
James Cameron had absolutely nothing to do with this film.
Ang Lee rejected this film to direct the hulk.
Crikey i can go on and on about how terrible this film is, but im sure you get the picture.
Good things? Makeup, like I said. And Arnold. Hes the man. Granted that most of his lines were trailer lines or lines to sell action figures or whatever.... but so what? I love arnold, hes such a wholesome dude (surprisingly enough) and he is always having such a great time doing what hes doing. Fantastic. I wish him all the best and know that hell find any success he looks for, just because hes a stick in the mire.

the absolute worst thing about this movie
Is the brainwashing element.
Hear me out before you all do what you normally do and tell me im just paranoid and crazy.
This is a film about Good Regular Unsuspecting American John Connor being told he is going to save the world by being in the army, and that Good Regular Unsuspecting American Veternarian Claire Danes (i dont even remember her characters name) is going to be by his side.
The message here - be an american, marry a girl and join the army with her.
Your line: Haha, anthony, youre a crazy paranoid fu%k.
But wait! theres more!
Over and over again you have people in monotone voices loudly telling you/john connor to go kill the machines and to not worry about it becuase they need to be killed and dont have feelings.
"Anthony are you telling me machines have feelings? youre crazy"
No, Im telling you youre being brainwashed to think that the people over in that Iraq country are emotionless machines that we should just destroy before they take over the world.
Yeah, im crazy.
Im crazy to a point.
But when they play an army commercial beforehand with a bunch of pretty people in army fatigues doing FUN things like climbing mountains and riding fast vehicles and making triumphant faces, then tell you to join the army...... thats where i draw the line and tell you that if you dont think youre being brainwashed, its already worked.
They dont show you the part where you or someone you know gets killed.
Or the part where youll be expected to kill someone.
They dont even show anybody firing a gun.
Oh, Yeah, The Army is all about FUN things- trekking and hiking and getting good exercise out in the open air! Woohoo!!!
Slavery is here, folks, and your friends and family are signing up for it.
And then AHnold tells us that hes going to run for governor if this film doesnt do well ? ..... hmmmm..... theres no political agenda at play here at all?
What did they give Jon Mostow this film for?
For his direction of a little film you may remember called U-571
And before that, he did the From The Earth to the Moon miniseries.
Before that, i dont know and dont care to look up, thats enough for me.
Terminator 3 had the highest approved studio budget EVER.
Youll all tell me im stupid and theres no conspiracy here at all.
And ill tell you youre stupid and that there is.

Either way
At the end of this film I went to get my money back and the girl behind the counter actually looked somewhat annoyed, like shed been asked that question 20000 times that day. The movie theaters have stopped giving refunds to people who sit through the entire film. Imagine that! I think i more deserve a refund for sitting through the whole damn thing... I was going to make a scene and get my money back, but angela wouldve been embarrassed. If youre reading this darling, im sorry you had to sit through this horrible film.
And to everyone else who is reading this- dont sit through this horrilbe film. The best way to make movies like this stop hitting theaters is to stop going to see them. To spread word of mouth far and wide to the 4 people who are going to see this, and tell them to spread the word too.
popcorn flick
If you want to see a film about the exact same thing, go see T2. Terminator 3 was just a f$king advertisement for terminator 4, just like the hulk was a f%king advertisement for the Hulk 2.
FU*K that!
If youre going to pander to me and try to sell me things, at least do it with a good film.
Like X2.

Anyway... the bottom line- i reluctantly give htis film 1 out of 5 stars. I WOULD give it 0 stars, honestly, for the simple fact that they played with me and promised me a nuking of the world but didnt deliver... or for the fact that it sucked...or that it tried to brainwash me... or all that stuff above... but the makeup effects were goregous, and Arnold is just so much fun. The whole film wouldve been shite if arnold wasnt in it.
So if you ARE going to go see it....make sure youre not one of those people who hates ahnold.
and also, you need to realize that theyre not serious.
They cant be

Current Mood: aggravated
5:56 pm
I figure that if im going to be a person besides kamphey reviewing films on this board, i should post one for every movie i see...and this was the last movie i saw.
I saw trainspotting again last nite .. i think it was like the third or fourth time. I dont really remember the number of times ive seen movies, especially movies like this that are incredible and i know im going to end up seeing hundreds of times.
This is a film that works on every single level.
If you want to talk dumb about it- its purrrrrty.... Almost looks like an old pulp comic or something with its gratuitous use of insane-o colors (and ..scotland)..plus all the crazy surrealist moments (ever see a dude swim in a toilet?), all of which are done exceedingly well, never ever ever, not for one second, does this film bore- even when its supposed to bore you. Its soooo pretty.
If youre talking to people who know film or story or anything like that, you can compliment this film on a higher level. The characters are amazing in his film- all of them totally 100% human. I, as well as everyone else im sure, have seen plenty of films where theres a principal character or narrator that seems dynamic because he changes but really ends up just being two dimensional in a world of one dimensional characters... this is my problem with star wars. Star wars nerds think they have something great, but all they have is eye candy and cliche;) ... At any rate, every single character in this film is so real that you almost feel like the writers based it on real people...i mean... you, yes YOU, know these people.... sure they happen to be addicted to smack, but thats not it, thats not the crux of everything. Theyre so real that instantly, instantly, you identify with them. From the first shot you see to the last. Plus theres a whole mess of visual metaphors that go completely unnoticed the first time around. And also, this film gives hardcore beatles fans hardcore orgasms. But thats a different story entirely.
Which brings me to my next point...If youre feeling frisky... and if youre talking to extremely pretentious film folk, or film folk who consider themselvse film folk above all else... you can compliment this movie on things much much higher up. The cinematography is gorgeous- every single second of this film plays gorgeously as a still frame, so much so that they had to shoot new pictures for the promotional materials. The direction is absolutely genius. You cant understand what the characters are saying some of the time because theyre Scotish and your/my americanized perspectives cant handle it sometimes (the first quarter of the movie was redubbed for American release because of the thick accents, and theres a scene where there are subtitles...I think its a reference to Annie Hall, but it could be the same reason), some of the time because youre not supposed to understand them (lots of fun drunken babbling in the film). .... but the whole time, you know exactly whats happening. Thats good direction.
Beyond that the casting is absolutely, absolutely, absolutely PERfect....so much so that even if youre not a pretentious Film Person, you can notice and appreciate it...every person was perfect for the character they played. The best thing about this film, in my opinion, is that it is completely and refreshingly devoid of pretension. Nothing in this film is a Film Event... theres not any willing suspension of disbelief. This could happen and probaby did happen, exactly as it did. Granted there are parts that are surreal, but theyre wholly metaphorical.

Problems with this film?
There are visual metaphors you miss the first time around... thats not a problem. The problem is that the second time around they seem really really ham-handed. Esepcially some of the character development scenes. All of it plays beautifully and seems wholly natural, but if youve got a keen eye to that sort of thing....one of the things i hate most in films is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT...if youre a person whos seen lots of films you know what i mean, but im going to explain it anyway.
I cant do it with trainspotting for fear of a spolier....
Im talking about blatantly obvious things that characters say that are character devlopment...like..long setups for this one character to reveal something about themselves. Whats a film I can think of that most people have seen? ...
I dont know.
See trainspotting and ask me which scene im talking about if youre really that curious...its exactly 1 scene that im talking about. ...the scene where Renton talks about scotland, when theyre on the bridge. Blatant visual metaphor, blatant character development....
And I personally think its hamhanded on purpose.... so its not really a criticism but something I wouldve done differently myself. It didnt need to be like that.....
I mean... the camera is put up really really really close- almost in extreme-closeup- of McGregors face when hes delivering those lines.
Come on.
Other problems? ... I doubt any of those people ever did smack. And I never did. And I dont know any smack addicts. So as far as how true it is? ...I dont know personally. To me, though, it was totally believable.

Either way, this is definitely another 5 star film. And for those of you who are watching keenly and think that all the films i review get five stars- wait for my next post;)
Definitely not one you want to watch several times in a row though.... Its just about as depressing as requiem for a dream.
But thats a story for another day.

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Sunday, July 13th, 2003
3:01 pm
The Hudsucker Proxy
This is a gorgeous film rich with circle imagery and circular themes and a full circle plot. The story is great, the direction is great, the acting is right on target.
personally i enjoy the time setting and the sets are perfect. The only reason it's not in the top 5 of my top 10 list is because it's not as funny during the entire movie. it has slow parts but those really don't bring down the film at all. but merely don't enhance it.

5 Stars
Bottom 5 of my top 10 list.
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