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Terminator 3

This is my "next post" i referred to in my trainspotting entry.
First off, let me say that I thought Terminator was an alright movie, and i thought Terminator 2 was a great film.
NOW then...
Terminator 3 stands as one of the bottom five films ive ever seen ever ever ever ever.
The special effects, yeah, are pretty. But the seams on them are big enough for a person to fall into.
The makeup, on the other purrrrfect. If there were a metal cyborg skeleton with flesh on top of it and it got scratched up.............thats waht it would look like!
The characters who arent Arnold are totally one dimensional, if that, and horribly acted.
Even Claire Danes plays her part horribly..It seemed to me like she just didnt care. Understandable.
James Cameron had absolutely nothing to do with this film.
Ang Lee rejected this film to direct the hulk.
Crikey i can go on and on about how terrible this film is, but im sure you get the picture.
Good things? Makeup, like I said. And Arnold. Hes the man. Granted that most of his lines were trailer lines or lines to sell action figures or whatever.... but so what? I love arnold, hes such a wholesome dude (surprisingly enough) and he is always having such a great time doing what hes doing. Fantastic. I wish him all the best and know that hell find any success he looks for, just because hes a stick in the mire.

the absolute worst thing about this movie
Is the brainwashing element.
Hear me out before you all do what you normally do and tell me im just paranoid and crazy.
This is a film about Good Regular Unsuspecting American John Connor being told he is going to save the world by being in the army, and that Good Regular Unsuspecting American Veternarian Claire Danes (i dont even remember her characters name) is going to be by his side.
The message here - be an american, marry a girl and join the army with her.
Your line: Haha, anthony, youre a crazy paranoid fu%k.
But wait! theres more!
Over and over again you have people in monotone voices loudly telling you/john connor to go kill the machines and to not worry about it becuase they need to be killed and dont have feelings.
"Anthony are you telling me machines have feelings? youre crazy"
No, Im telling you youre being brainwashed to think that the people over in that Iraq country are emotionless machines that we should just destroy before they take over the world.
Yeah, im crazy.
Im crazy to a point.
But when they play an army commercial beforehand with a bunch of pretty people in army fatigues doing FUN things like climbing mountains and riding fast vehicles and making triumphant faces, then tell you to join the army...... thats where i draw the line and tell you that if you dont think youre being brainwashed, its already worked.
They dont show you the part where you or someone you know gets killed.
Or the part where youll be expected to kill someone.
They dont even show anybody firing a gun.
Oh, Yeah, The Army is all about FUN things- trekking and hiking and getting good exercise out in the open air! Woohoo!!!
Slavery is here, folks, and your friends and family are signing up for it.
And then AHnold tells us that hes going to run for governor if this film doesnt do well ? ..... hmmmm..... theres no political agenda at play here at all?
What did they give Jon Mostow this film for?
For his direction of a little film you may remember called U-571
And before that, he did the From The Earth to the Moon miniseries.
Before that, i dont know and dont care to look up, thats enough for me.
Terminator 3 had the highest approved studio budget EVER.
Youll all tell me im stupid and theres no conspiracy here at all.
And ill tell you youre stupid and that there is.

Either way
At the end of this film I went to get my money back and the girl behind the counter actually looked somewhat annoyed, like shed been asked that question 20000 times that day. The movie theaters have stopped giving refunds to people who sit through the entire film. Imagine that! I think i more deserve a refund for sitting through the whole damn thing... I was going to make a scene and get my money back, but angela wouldve been embarrassed. If youre reading this darling, im sorry you had to sit through this horrible film.
And to everyone else who is reading this- dont sit through this horrilbe film. The best way to make movies like this stop hitting theaters is to stop going to see them. To spread word of mouth far and wide to the 4 people who are going to see this, and tell them to spread the word too.
popcorn flick
If you want to see a film about the exact same thing, go see T2. Terminator 3 was just a f$king advertisement for terminator 4, just like the hulk was a f%king advertisement for the Hulk 2.
FU*K that!
If youre going to pander to me and try to sell me things, at least do it with a good film.
Like X2.

Anyway... the bottom line- i reluctantly give htis film 1 out of 5 stars. I WOULD give it 0 stars, honestly, for the simple fact that they played with me and promised me a nuking of the world but didnt deliver... or for the fact that it sucked...or that it tried to brainwash me... or all that stuff above... but the makeup effects were goregous, and Arnold is just so much fun. The whole film wouldve been shite if arnold wasnt in it.
So if you ARE going to go see it....make sure youre not one of those people who hates ahnold.
and also, you need to realize that theyre not serious.
They cant be
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