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Finding Nemo

This movie is a kids movie first of all but delivers a massively enjoyable experience to EVERYONE. The story is a nice little ditty of a clownfish searching for his little boy. Of course if this wasn't fish then it would be a little corny but it's still something. At least there aren't any plot holes or anything really wrong with the story other than it's simplicity but that shouldn't be something to look down on it.
Of course the story isn't the entire experience. If you are buried in a hole right now then you don't know that this movie was created by Pixar and is fully animated.
The Last effort by Pixar was Monsters,Inc. that can be described in one word: "WOW". and this next effort can be described in one word... "AMAZING"
This is the most visually beautiful animated film EVER. the colors are so vivid that it looks good and puts the movie into a world of it's own. If you thought that Sully's hair in Monsters,Inc. was good. this entire film occurs in water (or around water). in order to animate water and underwater.. things are always moving and seaweed and other plants in the water have complicated movements. Fish also move in various ways and mannerisms. The fish's faces were all perfectly executed also.
I thought that the Monster's Inc. story was a bit better or even Toy Story has a bit more interesting theme but this movie was the best visually. There were various characters that were very memorable and the underwater scenes just blew me away.(which was pretty much the entire movie)
And this movie gets some praise :) for having two Monty Python quotes :) i'll let ya'll go to imdb.com to find them out.
In the end...
4.5 Stars
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