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Do The Right Thing

i've gotta say that this movie is very crazy. The kind of crazy that is about people. The characters in this movie i would imagine are all real people. They are all characters from the writers history. They had to be. They were so vividly characterized in such different ways through out the entire movie. As i watched this movie on BET it gave me a very weird feeling. A feeling of forbiddeness. As in, i wasn't supposed to be watching this movie but I was.

The best part of this movie was how it showed a lot of different sides of one little neighborhood. Seriously there were so many different kinds of people in this one movie and you really never understood who were the main characters and such. I did like that the movie was almost anti plot. There was a very subtle plot to it. It's one of those movies that were meant to be interpretated in so many different ways.

I still don't really know what to rate this because i just saw it once and would like to see it again. I liked the direction. and the acting was great too.
i'll have to give it 5 stars just for the first time cuz i don't know any faults with it. it's definitely on a top 20 list :) but probably somewhere in the bottom middle.
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