Cool Kid Nick (whateversleft) wrote in moviereviewbyfl,
Cool Kid Nick

House of the Dead

This movie doesn't even get a star for effort. It was probably the worst movie I've seen since Dragon Fly. Since I'm not yet 17 I had to buy a ticket to Finding Nemo and then go to the House of the Dead movie...but after seeing House of the Dead I'm glad that the hot chick giving me tickets thought I was going to see Finding Nemo...I would have felt more like a man admitting to seeing that than this movie.
The movie's plot is that these college kids are going to a rave on an island. That's right, don't expect a good soundtrack on this puppy either. As a matter of fact it was like on ling big DMX video, complete with lyrics 'inspired by the movie.' This movie couldn't inspire anything...except maybe gas.
So then when they get to the rave everyones gone and of course people start doing it and dying. Basically, if you added every cliche 'horror' movie scene ever and mixed in talent ranging somewhere between Rapping Shaq and a toaster (referring to the acting) you might get really close to this movie.
This is possibly the worst way to lose 8 dollars. The scariest part of this moving was the chance that someone might see you leaving it.
The game was good but the fact that they put clips of it into the movie was probably the least revolutionary and least creative idea I've ever seen put into action...did someone cut funding on these guys mid-shoot?
Probably the most..or only clever thing you'll find in this movie was the fact that the chinese girl dressed in an american flag's name is Liberty...Ok, so that wasn't even a good idea but I was trying to be nice.
The only reason you should go see it is to see that I'm not over-exagerating...But the previews aren't mis-leading..."PREPARE FOR A RIDE!!!"
They just neglected to mention the ride involved strapping into the people's career's involed and riding them down a drain
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