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Kill Bill

I have never seen a Quinten Taratino before and after seeing Kill Bill, I feel very much left out. The movie begins with a horrifying wedding scene and the leading leady out to get her revenge, they never say her name. She has a list and the movie goes backwards and forawrds often. The death scenes are overdramatic and exergarrated, which made the audience laugh at the slicing off of someone's head. I won't go in to detail about these scenes because they are just too classic to miss, and when you watch them for the first time, I don't want you to know what is going to happen.

There was a reason why it was number one in the box office, and I imagine the sequel will be as well. This movie doesn't just have a great story, it goes beyond that, to the actual filmmaking process. I give this movie five stars and I highly recommend it to anyone.
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