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The Passion of THE Christ

I had to capitalize THE because this isn't about jesus christ. This is singularly about The Christ. There's a difference between Jesus Christ the man and The Christ The savior. Jesus was a man but The Christ was a being. This is a story of his passion.

I saw this movie a few days ago. It's taken me this long to get over it and actually be able to speak about it. I was asked what i thought about it the night after i saw it and all I could say was "see it". This is due to the fact that i was still stunned.

As far as film goes, this is nothing new. The story of Christ has been told and retold and then told again through many's eyes and mouths. Martin Scorcese tried his hand at it with "The Last Temptation of Christ" As far as i know this was a good movie and I will be seeing it soon enough.

Mel Gibson's vision of Christ is probably one of the most unique. His movie concentrated on merely the passion of the christ as the title warrants. it's two hours full of blood and torture at the hands of jews and romans.

I might be mistaken but this is a very acurate account of what happened. Even if they did embelish a lot it still is something. The subtitles greatly helped the movie move along for it would have been a torture for the audience to sit through two hours of a foreign language. And the original languages of course authenticated the film.

The blood and everythign that made the blood happen (the torture) amazed me as some of the best special effects on a human body. Every horror movie is put to shame single handedly by this display of sheer bloodiness.
A brilliant peformance by James Caviezel really rounds out the trifecta of amazement (storytelling, special effects, acting)
I have to rate this a 5 out of 5 merely for how good it is even though it's not among my personal favorites but for the mere fact that if i weren't athiest, i would be a christian right now.
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