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Movie Review by FL

Movies reviewed by floridians

Movies reviewed by Floridians
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Put title of movie in subject.
write something about the movie.
Did you like it? Was it a knock off?

Then rate it on a 5 star system with 1/2 stars allowed.

if it was a 5 star movie then where about would it list on a top 10 list or a top 20 list or other similar list. Either in it's genre or in general.

Don't be a spoiler. This is also so people can find out what movies to watch for the first time.
Don't hesitate to talk about an old film.
Only use a new post for a first mentioned movie. If you'd like to rate a film that has already been rated then just respond to that post. It will clutter soon if each and every person posts the same movie in different posts. At least this way it won't get as littered.

Don't hesitate to invite other floridians to this community.
Don't hesitate to mention any movie whatsoever... independant, artsy, dumb, great, good, okay... whatever.
Don't harrass anyone on their taste in movies.